Justin Drew Bieber! HAPPY BDAY!

I love you very much and the truth is I would do without you, I can not explain in wordswhat I feel for you Bieber, you're just perfect, that smile, those songs, you simple way todo it all your way ... it seems perfect . I love you Justin Drew Bieber.
you were born 17 years ago and the only thing you did was eat, mourn, laugh and sleep.
At 12:56 minutes the first of March 1994 you were born, no one knew, or better ... no one thought you would make it this far at first no one supported you and now you havea whole crowd behind you, I hope that someday we can meet ... is my dream, talk andtake a picture with you. I love you, I love you I love you and never stop doing thatbeautiful music of yours that always brings a smile.

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